If you receive a message in your e-mail application that was not caught by the filter, please forward it to spam-Indrek.Hein@eki.ee so that it can be analyzed and learned as SPAM. This will improve the filter's accuracy in the future.

Performance Statistics - Mon May 20 21:01:33 2024

Metric   Calculated as
Overall accuracy (since last reset) N/A% (SPAM messages caught + Good messages delivered) / Total number of messages
Spam identification (since last reset) N/A% (Spam catch rate only)
Spam ratio (of total processed) 0% Total SPAM messages (both caught & missed) / Total number of messages
  SPAM messages Good messages
Since last reset missed missed
caught delivered
N/A% caught N/A% missed
Total processed by filter missed missed
caught delivered
From corpus fed fed

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